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Referral Programs


FLOOD BROTHERS RESTORATION is always on the look out for new, promising customers. The majority of our best customers have always come from referrals from our current clients and partners we have made. Because of this we have set up a referral program to reward clients and partners for their efforts.


The Customer Referral Program

Our customers refer us to their family and friends because they trust us and are happy with our services. FBR is based on customer referrals, and today those referrals not only keep us in business, but also help our company grow so we can continually offer better service to everyone. Whether you are referring someone to us, or have been referred to us by someone else, be sure to let us know by filling out a short form on our Contact page or calling our Atlanta location.


The Plumber Referral Program

We have a list of local plumbers who refer our services to their clients with water damage. Professional plumbers know when damage has occurred, and know to call FBR when professional restoration services are required. If you are a plumber, call FLOOD BROTHERS RESTORATION to discuss a Plumber Referral Program that is right for you.


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