Flood Brothers Restoration
                                                                            Locked In and On Point!
In April of 2016 the NW Houston area received a disastrous amount of rain and Flood Brothers Restoration #1 crew was out there to help!
every home for miles had damage, here the water has gone but you can see all the damaged property at the curb
Rains following the initial flood caused even more damage
Huge piles of water damaged structure in front of every house
Nearly 10 days after the initial floods, plenty of water remains.
Although these pictures may not be as dramatic as damage caused by a hurricane or tornado, they show the massive destruction that can come from water. You may think that this is just clean rainwater but the fact is, as soon as rain touches something or the ground, it starts picking up bacteria and can soon become more dangerous than raw sewage.
So.... If we can travel 13 hours away to help these people out, Just think what we can do for you!
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